Are German Roaches in Your Orlando Florida House?

Are you afraid cockroaches have infested your Orlando home?

If you are here, you must have come across cockroaches on the floors of your Orlando home. It is not uncommon for residents in Florida to catch a glimpse of these notorious pests now and then.


The temperature and conditions here are perfect for their survival. But don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with these uninvited guests on your own. Calling Orlando pest control is the way to go. But before you do that, its best to get to know your enemy.


There is a high chance that the invaders you witnessed are the German cockroaches – the most common of all cockroach species in America. Due to their devious ways, and hitchhiker lifestyle, the German roaches, often find their way to our homes.


Away from their reptilian predators, the species flourishes in the concealed corners of the house. Their rapid reproduction rate does not help us either. They say, know thy enemy, and it couldn’t be far from the truth in the case of German cockroaches.


This article will give you all the information you need on these sneaky little pests.


German Cockroaches Quick Facts



Light brown / Tan

Living Condition

warm and moist

The number of legs

100-200 days

Orlando Pest ControlCall All American Pest Control (321) 559-7378.


Small openings and crevices



½-inches to 5/8- inches

Anything with nutritional value!




What does a  German Cockroach look like? – Identifying A German Roach


To identify a German cockroach, the first thing you need to look at is its color. Adult cockroaches can be any shade between light brown and tan color, whereas younger ones are usually black.


The most distinguishing feature of a German cockroach is a pair of horizontal black stripes on their thorax, just behind the head. These stripes are almost parallel to each other.


A German cockroach is somewhere between ½- inches and 5/8- inches (13 – 16 mm). Oval in shape; this bug has six legs attached to their spine and two long antennas that are almost straight. The adults have wings, but they rarely fly.



Where do German Cockroach live?


German cockroaches seek warm and humid conditions. This makes Orlando Florida, one of the best breeding grounds for these bugs. Closer to food sources, they will often be found in kitchens, dining rooms, pantry, or anywhere you eat or drink. Any crack or gap near a food source could shelter these tiny cockroaches. They can also reside in the bathrooms.

A perfect example of survivors, German roaches, can live on anything that has nutritional value, be it toothpaste, soap, or glue. This is why it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them without the help of the Orlando Pest Control.



German Cockroach Behavior


Talented hitchhikers, German cockroaches can find their way to your house by getting in your grocery bags, cardboard boxes, office bags, and even your kids’ school or gym bags. Just like bed bugs, they might lodge themselves in used equipment or furniture brought to your house or office. In apartment buildings and complexes, they move from apartment to apartment through vents, drains, and utility lines.

German cockroaches are nocturnal and do most of their food hunt in the night. They tend to aggregate; they leave their feces in your kitchen cabinets or nook and corners of your kitchen shelves. Their feces release a specific odor, which attracts more roaches. The aggregation sites of bugs can be identified by brownish spotting that they leave behind.

Did you know….

German cockroaches can change their normal behavior. Don’t be surprised if you find it in your bedroom or open daylight. You may find them outdoors in damp shady flower beds as well.


German Cockroaches Life Cycle


The reproduction rate of a German cockroach is faster than American cockroach, so is their infestation rate. With its ability to store sperm, a female German cockroach needs to mate only once in a lifetime and can infest a home with 30,000 roaches in just a year!


There are three life stages of German cockroaches:



Stage 1: German Cockroach Eggs

The female German cockroach lays 40 eggs at a time. Once the eggs have been laid, the female carries them around in a yellow-brown egg Capsule, also known as ootheca, till the egg is about to hatch.  It takes about 28 days for the eggs to hatch. About 24 hours before the nymph emergence, it drops the ootheca in a hidden place.


The female German cockroach can produce up to 4 – 6 capsules in her lifetime. The development from egg to an adult depends upon the environmental factors. Growth is rapid in warm and humid places with a nearby food source. An egg can take from 54 – 215 days to turn into an adult cockroach with a functional reproductive system.


Did you know….

Insecticides cannot penetrate through the egg capsule. The ootheca will hatch even days after treatment. This makes it necessary to set a follow-up treatment with the Orlando Pest Control to avoid the risk of a second infestation.


Stage 2: German Cockroach Nymph

The immature cockroach is called a nymph. Once out of the eggs, they are on their own. German cockroach nymph feeds on the feces of their adults until they are capable of finding their food on their own. They mature into an adult in about 60 days, depending on the environmental conditions.


Nymphs are known to shed their skin to grow. Shedding of skin is called molting, and the wingless nymph is known to molt for about six to seven times till it matures. The wings emerge at the last stage of molting.


Stage 3: Adult German Cockroach

The nymph matures into adults capable of reproducing. An average male German cockroach lives for about 100 To 150 days, whereas females can live up to 200 days. Nocturnal by nature, most German cockroaches scavenge during dark hours.



How can I tell if I have German Cockroaches?

If you think German roaches might have infested your house, you may want to look for the following evidence to confirm:

  • Look for Droppings: Small and dark. Resembling pepper, droppings of German roaches can be found on shelf tops and in kitchen cabinets. Dark spots or stains around the cracks and in the corners of the room might indicate German roaches’ fecal smears.
  • Look for Egg Capsules: Empty egg capsules of the German cockroach might be found in crevices and gaps in the walls or cabinets. The female carries its ootheca until the day of hatching. It sets it in a hidden spot only 24 hours before. Once out, German Cockroach nymphs leave behind the capsules.
  • Look for a moldy odor: The secretion of distinctive chemical scents by the German roaches might be an indication of a massive infestation. Mostly too light to be detected, the scent secreted by a huge population of German roaches might be identified as a moldy smell.

How can I prevent German Cockroach Infestation?


Here are certain measures you could take to save your house from infestation:


  • Clear Trash cans regularly.
  • Never leave food out for an extended period.
  • Properly store food and pantry items.
  • Make sure you don’t have any openings or cracks in your house.
  • Repair any leaky pipes and faucets in your kitchen and bathroom immediately!



What do I do if I have German Cockroaches

As sneaky and stubborn as they are, German cockroaches cannot be eradicated by simple home remedies! You need to call in the professionals. All American Pest Control gives the best Pest Control packages in Orland! You can reach them at (321) 559-7378.




What is the most common type of cockroaches found in America?

German roaches!  Other types are the American cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, and Oriental cockroach.

How long do German cockroaches live?

100-200 days! Under the right environmental conditions, a male German roach can live up to 150 days, whereas a female German roach can have a life span of 200 days.

Can German Cockroaches drown?

Not really! A German roach can hold its breath underwater for around 40 minutes!

Do German Cockroaches bite?

Yes! Though a rare occurrence, they can bite. Their bite is 1 -4mm wide and bright red in color.

What do German cockroaches eat?

Almost Anything! German roaches have a huge palate. Anything with even a little nutritional value is food for a German roach. They feed on feces, toothpaste, soap, and even glue!

How do German roaches get to my house?

Hitchhiking! German roaches can lodge in your grocery bag, card boxes, used furniture, or even handbags to find their way into your house!

How can I get rid of German cockroaches?

German roaches are the most difficult roaches to get rid of! Call an exterminator. All American Pest Control is the best Orlando Pest Control company! You can call them at (321) 559-7378.

All American Pest Control

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Oriental Roaches – Orlando Pest Control

Oriental Roaches – The water-loving Cockroaches!

For the best Orlando Pest Control Service call All American Pest Control (321) 559-7378

Oriental cockroaches are among the larger species of cockroaches. “water bugs” and “black beetles” are other common names for these roaches. These names are associated with their love of damp places and their shiny black experience.

They thrive in tropical weather of Florida and can be a nuisance if their infestation gets out of hand. If you have witnessed these nasty little invaders in your house or yard, you must take the help of Orlando Pest Control to get rid of them. But before you call them, its best to know a little bit about these critters.

This article gives you a detailed account of the life of Oriental Cockroaches which can help you with their eradication.

If you have specific questions about Oriental Cockroach, check out our FAQ section.


Did you know?

Though their origin is debatable, most experts believe that Oriental cockroaches came to the United States from Africa or south Russia!



Oriental Cockroach Quick Facts



Dark reddish-brown to black

Scientific Name

Blatta orientalis



1 to 1.5 years


Orlando Pest ControlCall All American Pest Control (321) 559-7378.


Damp and warm places

25 mm – 30 mm


Starchy food and decaying organic matter





Is It an Oriental Cockroach? – Identifying an Oriental Cockroach

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Unlike other cockroach species, male and female Oriental cockroaches have a completely different appearance. Female Oriental cockroaches resemble Florida wood roaches, whereas males look like beetles and hence are referred to as ‘’Black Beetle.”

The females can range from shiny black to a brownish-red color and measures up to 32 mm in length. They do not have wings. They do have wing pads though, which cover only a few segments of their body.

Male Oriental cockroaches are smaller in size and have dark brown to the black colored outer skin. They can be up to 25 mm in length. Males do have wings that are three-quarters of the length of their bodies. Both, male and female oriental roaches are flightless bugs.



Where do Oriental roaches live? — Habitat of The Oriental Cockroach

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Seasonal pests, Adult Oriental roaches thrive during summer and spring.  Since they prefer warm and damp conditions, the Florida climate is perfect for these roaches. They are an outdoor pest and are usually found in damp and shady areas near the garden area or under the garbage can. They are very adaptable to the natural environment.

They only turn to houses to seek refuge from colder temperatures. Although they are strong enough to tolerate harsh weather, the still prefer warmer conditions. In houses, they find a shelter near the water bodies or moist environment. Oriental cockroaches love water and therefore are also known as “water bugs”. You may find them in your floor drains, crawl spaces, or dampened basement. They can also nest in sewer pipes, plumbing pipes, under the sink, and in laundry rooms.

How do Oriental roaches behave? — The Lifestyle of the Oriental Cockroach

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Adults and Nymph Oriental cockroaches follow the same behavior pattern. They have a big food palette and can eat many things. Their food of preference, though, is starchy food and decaying organic matter. You may find them feeding on sewage, garbage, decaying plants, and animal waste.

No roach loves water as much as these little bugs. They can survive up to 1 month without anything but not without water. They can hardly go for 2 weeks without water.

These cockroaches are nocturnal and might not be visible in a routine inspection during the day. They are not very active and are also less wary of people.

If the population of the Oriental cockroaches exceeds a certain number, mass migration can take place. They communicate through their antennae.

Life Cycle of the Oriental Cockroach

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Oriental cockroaches go through three developmental stages: egg, nymph, and adults. Their developmental cycles are seasonal. The development rate increases during the rainy season. The adults are abundant in numbers during late spring and early summer. The nymphs that have not matured by the fall wait till the spring to become an adult.


Stage 1: Oriental Cockroach Eggs

Female Oriental cockroaches carry around 16-18 eggs in their ootheca. The oothecae are blackish-brown in color and about 10 to 12 mm in length.  They deposit the ootheca a day or two after its formation. In warm and hidden areas near a food source. The deposition can be delayed up to 7 days.  It takes about 2 months for the eggs to hatch.

Stage 2: Oriental Cockroach Nymph

Once the eggs hatch, Oriental roach nymphs emerge.  Spring and summertime are the seasons in which these nymphs are most active. Nymphs undergo molting (skin shedding) 7-10 times before maturing into adults. If the conditions are favorable the nymph matures into an adult in about 300 days. Under harsh conditions, however nymph stage could last up to 800 days.

Stage 3: Adult Oriental Cockroach

After the last molting, nymphs develop into fully functional sexually active adults. On average an adult oriental cockroach lives for 6 to 12 months. The female is able to produce around 200 eggs during her lifetime.

How to Tell if I have Oriental Roaches? — Oriental Cockroach Infestation

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Sneaky little invaders, Oriental cockroaches pave their way into our homes through gaps beneath the doors and cracks in the window sealing. They follow the plumbing and utility lines and get to our dwellings through sewers and open drains.

If you are worried that your house has been infested with these black beetles, you may look for following signs to confirm:

  • Nocturnal pest, Oriental cockroaches are not usually seen during the day. If you witness one during the daytime, it is highly likely your house is infested. Overcrowding may have forced them to come out during the day to hunt.
  • You may see dark brownish red oothecae of the Oriental roaches in hidden places near water bodies.
  • One of the most evident signs, perhaps, is the strong ‘musty’ odor they give off to communicate with other roaches.

Are Oriental Roaches dangerous? — Threats of Oriental Cockroach Infestation

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Oriental cockroaches can be responsible for the transmission of diseases and can cause allergies and asthma in some people.

As they love to feast on garbage and filth and are often found in sewers (bacteria-ridden water), they are more likely to carry disease-causing pathogens. Once in the house, they tend to contaminate the food and cooking utensils. These pests can be linked to diarrhea and food poisoning.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Roaches? — Eradication of Oriental Cockroach

Although it is easy to exterminate the adults by means of insecticides but even if a single female is left alive, it will hatch new nymphs in about two months. The female drops their oothecae in gaps and cracks which can be difficult to treat with insecticides. These are the reasons that professional help from Orlando Pest Control is recommended when dealing with Oriental Cockroaches. All American Pest Control gives the best Pest Control packages in Orlando! You can reach them at (321) 559-7378.



How long does Oriental Cockroach live?

6 to 12 months on average. Depending on the environment they may even be able to live for one and a half years.

What does Oriental Cockroach eat?

Almost everything! They prefer starchy food but can survive on all kinds of organic matter.

Do Oriental Cockroach Bite?

Rarely! Oriental cockroaches have the ability to bite but they rarely do it.

How does Oriental Cockroach get to my house?

Open doors and cervices. Oriental Cockroach can make their way to our homes through open doors and cervices beneath the doors. They can also follow plumbing pipes, sewers, open drains, and utility lines to our house.

Are Oriental Cockroaches dangerous?

Yes! Oriental cockroaches are carriers of diseases causing pathogens. They are often linked to food poisoning and diarrhea. Apart from that, they have been reported to cause asthma and allergies in children.

How can I get rid of Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental Cockroaches can be difficult roaches to get rid of! Call an exterminator. All American Pest Control is the best Orlando Pest Control company! You can call them at (321


Millenia Mall

The Mall at Millenia (more commonly know as The Millenia Mall or simply Millenia) is a luxury indoor shopping mall located in Orlando, Florida just off of Interstate 4. It opened it’s doors for business in 2002 and currently has more than 150 stores. Owned by The Forbes, It is anchored by big brands such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus.

During the construction of the Mall, the Somerset Collection was used as a model. Like Somerset, JPRA Architects designed the Mall at Millenia.  It features award-winning lighting by Paul Gregory (Focus Lighting), glass elevators, and fountains.

It is a popular tourist hotspot and a go-to shopping destination for the locals. However, the mall is more than just the ultimate shopping destination, The Mall at Millenia treats guests to a once in a lifetime sensory experience. The architecture of the mall is breathtaking that creates a unique environment that exceeds all expectations.

Guests to Mall of Millenia are welcomed by soaring ceilings that Focus lit with soft blue light. Glowing columns, backlit with textured light, anchor the food court; While its tables are accented by fixtures floating above. The Winter Garden’s fiber-optic stars shines down to complete this truly amazing shopping experience. Runway fashion from around the globe including New York, London, Paris, and Milan is broadcast on the L.E.D screens which are placed throughout the mall on 35 foot high masts. This not only gives the shoppers constant inspiration for their style and choices, but also makes sure that you are never out of touch, at least not when you are at Millennia. With the best brands around you and the latest trends in front of your eyes, this makes shopping enjoyable and mesmerising.

Drive to Mall of Millenia

The Mall at Millenia is located 10 minutes from Universal Orlando Resort, 15 minutes from SeaWorld, Downtown Orlando, International Drive and Kissimmee, 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport, and 30 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort.


Hidden Gems

Although the mall offers a never-ending list of stores and dining options some options are a must-try for everyone that visits the mall.

If you feel like indulging, the second floor of The Mall at Millenia is known for its luxury retail. Some of the luxury brands you can expect to encounter are:

  • Bulgari
  • Burberry
  • Cartier
  • Gucci
  • Henri Bendel
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Montblanc
  • Prada
  • Rolex Boutique
  • Saint Laurent
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Versace

If you are feeling hungry, the mall has a standard food court as well as many nicer restaurants to choose from including:

  • BRIO Tuscan Grille
  • P. F. Chang’s
  • The Capital Grille
  • The Cheesecake Factory

If you are feeling a bit more casual but would still like to have restaurant experience, you can try:

  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Earls Kitchen + Bar
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Panera Bread


The mall also hosts wonderful holiday events for locals and tourists from around the world.

They start the holiday season with celebrating the arrival of Santa with an amazing “The Santa’s Spectacular Rooftop Arrival” event. The event includes a DJ, dance party, fun characters, and last but not least Santa himself. It can be a great activity for kids and just good wholehearted family fun.

Santa is available at the mall to meet and greet the kids of all ages during the holiday season. If you are planning on visiting the mall in the holiday season. Here are some tips for you.

The Santa set is open during all mall hours, so the Santa photo set closes when the mall closes.

Everyone is welcome to visit Santa and different packages for photoshoots are available. Shoppers can choose to take pictures with their device, however, they are encouraged to donate to the Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children when they do so.

Complimentary Services

The mall spares no expense in making sure that their guests have a pleasant and seamless experience when they visit. They offer a variety of different services to ensure this:

Concierge Services

The Mall at Millenia offers it’s guests a full-service Concierge that provides exemplary services and different superior amenities. We have a multilingual staff that will provide all our guests with assistance regarding gift card purchases and helpful information on all of the stores and restaurants in the mall.


By making a 20 Dollars donation to the UCP Beta Parent Connection Program, our guests can avail an umbrella stroller that they can take with them.

Electric scooters and Wheelchairs are also available on request of the guests.

Currency Exchange

The mall offers currency exchange services for the guests.

Millenia Direct

The mall offers delivery services in selected areas. So, you can order your desired item and get it delivered to you.

Happy Returns

The Mall at Millenia is now a Happy Returns Return Bar Location. Shoppers can return items from select online retailers to Mall Concierge for immediate credit using the Happy Returns’ platform, thereby eliminating the need to pack, ship, and wait for refunds.

Tailoring and Alterations

European tailoring by George. On-site tailor and alteration services.

Valet Parking/Taxi Service

Taxi service is readily available during mall and restaurant business hours, outside of the main entrance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Mall at Millenia offers 4 standard and 2 Tesla charging stations



Mall of Millenia during COVID 19 Era

In a high-end shopping mall like the Mall at Millenia, it may seem a bit odd to see masked workers spraying disinfectants. But it is a necessary sanitization practice that is being taken seriously to help keep the mall safe for all guests.

“Everyone has a different threshold of what will make them feel safe coming out to the marketplace again and we want to take the whole sanitation aspect out of guests’ visit to the mall,” said mall general manager Steven Jamieson.

Other than that constant cleaning, hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the mall. Guests and stores’ employees are encouraged to wear masks, and every store is required to keep at a capacity of 25{6c74dae3b89661dc0a2f9d80e590289a5fd2c0dd9e167bdd9cf6d25e77651a7c} and ensure social distancing.

A little over one-third of the mall’s stores are open, including two of its big anchor stores.

Many of the stores that remain closed, like Apple, are waiting on their corporate leaders to give them the go-ahead to reopen.

Other stores are in the process of reopening, bringing back furloughed employees, doing sanitization practice, and building up their inventory for the guests. All of this is being done to ensure the safety of the guests.

The food court in the mall is rotating the seating areas. After all of the tables in a particular section have been used, that section will be closed and sanitized before the next set of guests sits down. That means every dining guest will get a freshly cleaned table.

The millennia mall is taking the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines seriously and working diligently to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for its guests.

The mall is open from 11 am to 7 pm, during COVID-19. Of the 150 stores, 120 are open, and more are opening every day. Amidst the perturbation caused by COVID-19 following health and safety guidelines is essential. So please make sure that you maintain social distancing and follow the following health protocols:

  • Wear a face mask when visit the mall.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Try to keep your interactions with people at the stores brief and most importantly try to maintain social distancing.

The mall is committed to the health and safety of the guests and is employing rigorous sanitization protocol



Final Thought


The mall of Millenia is a must visit-spot for local and tourists alike. An architectural masterpiece, millenia mall inspires awe in anyone who sees it. It offers a great place to shop and have fun. There are over 150 shops offering you the best of the best when it comes to fashion. It is designed to make even window shopping fun. There are great options to choose from if you want to dine. From fast food to fine dining to casual they offer everything. There is a play area for the kids so that you can relax and let the kids play for a while. .

Whether you are a tourist or a local looking for having a good time out with your friends and family, the Millenia mall should be bookmarked in your inventory. This uber-modern mall boasts a dazzling selection of exclusive brands in an exquisite environment, adorned with gorgeous art, relaxing fountains, and breathtaking glass ceilings. All in all, the Mall of Millenia is the ultimate shopping destination