Asian Cockroach—The Flying Roach

Asian cockroach or Blattella asahinai are identical to German cockroaches in appearance and size. They are so similar to each other that even professionals have a hard time distinguishing between the too. Some experts believe that Asian roaches are a strain of German roaches that evolved outdoors in Asia. The difference, however, arises when one starts to observe their behavior.

Like German cockroaches, Asian cockroaches are a common sight in Florida. What makes them scarier, though, is their ability to fly! Yes, you heard it right! Unlike most cockroaches, Asian cockroaches make use of their wings. So, if you saw a German roach flying around, it might be an Asian roach.

These fliers can be hard to get rid of on your own. Calling Orlando Pest Control to provide a systematic solution is the best option to ensure the eradication of these tricksters from your home.

This article will help you identify Asian cockroaches and provide you with all the information you need about these pests.

If you have specific questions about Asian Cockroach, check out our FAQ section.


Did you know?

According to USDA reports in 2008, the Asian cockroach might be beneficial in controlling lepidopteran pests because they prey on their eggs. However, being a pest, their use as biological control is not considered a solution.




Asian Cockroach Quick Facts



Light brown/ Tan

Scientific Name

Blattella asahinai





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Mulched compost and decaying plants

to   inches


Anything with nutritional value





Is It An Asian Cockroach? – Identifying Asian Cockroaches

Asian Cockroaches are light brown or tan. The color is often slightly lighter than that of German cockroaches.

They are   to   inches long.  Two horizontal black stripes are visible on top of their head. These stripes are parallel to each other. Oval in shape; these roaches have six legs and two antennas that protrude sideways

Wings of Asian roaches are narrower and longer as compared to German roaches — a difference that probably makes them a better flier than their cousin species.

Where do Asian cockroaches live? — Habitat of The Asian Roach

Asian cockroaches tend to live outdoors. They are often found in shaded compost, decaying wood, and flower beds. They may make a home in accumulated plant litter. Not fond of indoors, there is very little chance that they will infest your house.

Asian roaches get attracted to the lighter surface and are often seen following the light. Don’t be surprised to see them on your porch light or windows of a lighted room. They may even come to your house during the night time seeking light.

Once inside you can expect them to be up on the ceiling near the lights, on lamps and television screens. They may fly around between lighted rooms.


Did you know?

Relatively a new species in the United States, Asian cockroaches were first found in Lakeland, Florida. It is believed that these roaches made their way into the United States through Florida’s Port of Tampa. They are native to Japan and hence are called Asian Cockroaches.


How Does Asian Cockroach Behave? — The Lifestyle of the Asian Cockroach

Asian Cockroaches are omnivores and can feed on anything with even a little nutritional value. Honeydew, seeds, flowers, and other plant matter are a part of their food pallet outdoors. Inside the house, you may find them feasting on pet bowls, sweets, grease, meat, and even toothpaste! They have a preference for starchy food.

Unlike German roaches, the Asian roaches use their strong wings quiet often. They are capable of making 150 feet long flights at a time. Though most active after dusk, these bugs can be seen flying during the day if there has been a disturbance in their habitat.

Asian roaches may be seen flying through open doors and windows into the house. This home invasion is done during the night time when they are seeking lighted areas.

Life Cycle of the Asian Cockroach

Seasonal pests, Adult Asian cockroaches can be seen during spring and in the late summer. Whereas the nymph population is abundant during the summertime.  February through May and then again August through December is the most fertile period for these roaches. These roaches follow a typical cockroach life cycle with three developmental stages: Eggs, nymphs, and adults.

Stage 1: Asian Cockroach Eggs

The female Asian roach lays 4 oothecae (egg sacs) on average, during her lifetime. Each egg capsule contains 35-40 eggs. The eggs are oviparous which means they don’t develop inside of their mother. Asian roach eggs take more time to hatch as compared to their German counterpart. An egg may take 19 days to hatch depending on environmental conditions.

Stage 2: Asian Cockroach Nymph

After hatching, initially, the Asian cockroach nymphs are white. The nymphs go through molting. Each molting stage is called an instar. At the end of each instar, nymphs shed their skin (molt), their color darkens as their skin hardens. Female Asian nymphs require a longer time to mature into adults as compared to males. They take 60-70 days to develop into adult females.

Stage 3: Adult Asian Cockroach

With the final molting emerges an adult Asian cockroach. The adults are sexually active and the female Asian cockroach can produce oothecae withing 13 days of becoming an adult. Females tend to outlive male Asian roaches. The life span of females ranges from 3 months to 6 months, whereas males survive roughly for one and a half months.

How to tell if I have Asian roaches? -– Asian Cockroach Infestation

Being an outside pest, Asian roaches mostly infest wooden areas around the house. In the house, they are often found near light sources and above appliances. Some of the sign that may confirm the infestation of your house are:

You see them flying around in your house at night time.

You see them flying around (in groups) in your yard during day time!

Threats of Asian Cockroach Infestation

Since Asians roaches eat everything and anything available to them, so they may feast on the garbage and other unpleasantries. This increases their chances of being a pathogen carrier. Contaminating our food and cooking utensils could lead to disease spread. The body oils of these roaches can change the taste of the food they have contaminated.

The most frightening aspect of Asian cockroaches, perhaps, is their ability to fly! These roaches do not bite so you can eliminate that threat of their list. In the past, they have been known to pose a threat to lettuce farmers in Florida.  Even though they don’t essentially feed on lettuce but their presence on the field forced the farmers to discard a lot of their crops.

Eradication of Asian Cockroach

Asian roaches are usually spread out, covering a larger surface area. This makes it difficult to control them. They move fast and fly around which makes it difficult to target them with insecticides and chemicals. Since there are no specific ways of their entry so it becomes nearly impossible to block their way into our houses.

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How can Asian cockroaches be differentiated from German Cockroaches?

They are almost identical appearance-wise. Even experts find it harder to distinguish between them. Minute physical differences are that Asian cockroaches have wings that are slightly longer and narrower than that of their German counterparts. When it comes to differentiating between the two one needs to look at their behavior rather than appearance!

Do Asian Cockroach Bite?

No! Asian cockroach does not bite.

How Long does Asian Cockroach Live?

1.5 – 6.0 months on average. Female Asian roaches outlive their male partners. A female has a life span of 3 -6 months whereas the males live only up to 50 days on average.

What does Asian Cockroach Eat?

Almost everything. Asian roaches are omnivores. They prefer starchy food, but can also feed on sugary food, pet food, meat, and grease. Outdoors, these pests survive on the honeydew, flower, and other organic material.


Ants in the House

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Of the many pests that try to get into your home, ants may be one of the most difficult to remove. Although most ants outside the home present little threat to you, your family, or pets. When they get inside the home is when they can cause big issues. The organized manner in which ants work and survive makes your home an ideal place for them to live.

If you have ants in the house, a professional Orlando pest control company can get rid of them. By using safe, effective methods, they can remove the ants from your home and take preventative measures to help ensure they do not invade again.

Why Ants Invade Your Home

The reasons why ants find your home attractive is the same reason that most pests enter your property. Your home provides the food they need to live. Ants consume a wide range of food particles and your home is usually full of them. Even if you keep a clean and tidy household, ants have a way of finding your food storage areas and moving in.

Another reason is shelter. Your home is the perfect place to set up a colony which provides protection from the elements while also being a source of food. Even if they cannot find the food inside your home, it is an excellent place for them to venture out while keeping the queen protected.

With the understanding of why ants enter your home, the next step is preventing them from getting inside. While not the easiest of tasks, it take far less effort to keep the ants at bay compared to when they get a foothold inside your home.

How to Prevent Ants from Entering Your Home

Keep in mind that even the best preventative measures may not be 100{6c74dae3b89661dc0a2f9d80e590289a5fd2c0dd9e167bdd9cf6d25e77651a7c} effective. This is because ants can move fairly quickly once they set up their colony near your home. But there are simple methods you can use to help keep your home protected from an ant invasion.

Seal Off Cracks: Ants must find a way into your home first and that is usually through small cracks in the walls and possibly the foundation. Do an inspection around your home and identify all the places where ants may enter. Then seal off any cracks or openings that might allow the ants to come inside. Larger areas such as doorways and windows can be inspected routinely for ant intrusion. But sealing off the small cracks will help keep the ants outdoors.

Keep a Clean Home: One of the best ways to keep ants from coming in is not giving them anything to eat as an incentive. Keeping a clean home is arguably the best way to turn back an ant invasion. Especially one that comes in looking for food. The use of basic household products is generally enough to turn away many, but not all ants.

Sealed Containers: Keep all your food stored in sealed containers. Clean up properly after all meals, and make sure that the places where you keep the containers are clean as well. This will help discourage ants from coming in.

Identify Scout Ants: The scout ant is easy enough to spot as there is only one of them in any given area. They search the surrounding area for food which is why they spread out. If you see a lone ant, it is most likely a scout ant and removing means it cannot report back to its colony to inform them about your home.

Get Rid of Ant Trails: If you have noticed ants starting to enter your home, you can use a simple mixture of one-part vinegar and three parts water to spray on the trails. The odor that vinegar emits is more than enough to ward off ants from following the trail. While it does not kill the ants, it does mean that their scouts will have to find a new path to the food source.

But what happens if you already have ants in your home? Once they come inside, just the protection that your home provides may be enough to have them create a colony inside the walls. When that happens, your best choice may be to hire a professional pest control company.

Why a Professional Orlando Pest Control Company is the Answer?

Although many homeowners will use sprays to get rid of the ants, that is not always effective. While you might kill a few, they will not be gone until their colony is destroyed. Finding the colony is best suited for a professional pest control expert. They have the knowledge and experience to do the following.

  • Identifies and Destroys Colonies
  • Removes Possible Feeding Places for Ants
  • Sprays an Ant Barrier Around the Home

They can also set up bait traps in the right locations to lure in the ants which in turn will destroy their colonies. While some of the products that a professional company offers can be found at local retail stores, you cannot find the expertise and guarantees needed to ensure that you are getting rid of the ants.

Plus, the best pest control companies in the greater Orlando area offer their services at low, competitive prices. This means for the investment you make the result will far exceed what consumer products can provide from the store. You can also get regular inspections that spot potential issues before they become serious problems. This means that you save even more money over time when you employ the professional pest control service Orlando residents can trust.

For homeowners, an Orlando pest control company can provide the solution when ants invade your property. A representative will arrive at your home, evaluate the situation, and apply the right methods to rid the home of the ant invasion. In addition, they can provide preventative measures that will help dissuade the ants from returning to your home. Be sure to call today and find out more about how your home can be rid of the ants.

To get rid of ants in the house, call All American Pest Control.



Questions you should ask before choosing Orlando Exterminator for your home

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Orlando’s relatively hot and humid weather makes it one of the most famous destinations not only for tourists but also for its inhabitants. But this thing also makes it one of the most affected by pest infestation. The most commonly found pests are bed bugs, insects, German roaches, and termites.

It’s always recommended to use precautionary measures like proper cleanliness with occasional use of sprays and traps to control its spread. If not done, the spread of these unwanted pests may go up to a level where the only solution will be to hand over this to any pest control expert.


Treatment for Pest infestation: Do we need services of an Exterminator?

 Pest infestation is, undoubtedly one of the most annoying things you can have merely due to their size, the trouble they cause, and the effort you need to put to control it. Nowadays we have access to many specialized insecticides available in the market that can be used to kill small insects. But for bigger problems like rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs once gone beyond certain limits require you to call for professionals for help.

Following are some of the scenarios where you must always call for an expert

  • Sometimes in case of extreme infestation, you might fancy the chances of getting rid of it by using chemical sprays and insecticides. But insects like roaches and bed bugs once penetrated in your home are very hard to exterminate completely and sooner or later you’ll need to call professional Orlando exterminator to do the job for you. These professionals are trained and equipped to not only kill all the insects but removing its source which is almost impossible to locate with the naked eye. Hence a complete peace of mind.
  • Sometimes you are unaware of the numbers and types of pets you are dealing with so you can’t even choose the right chemical spray or insecticide for yourself. Most Orlando Exterminators offer first free inspection so you must try it to find out the problem you are facing.
  • Pets like mosquitos, rats, raccoons, and termites can cause havoc if not dealt properly. You really can’t get hold of these by yourself so better is to take help of an exterminator professional.
  • Orlando Exterminator professionals always tend to stay up to date with technology and latest developments in the field hence enabling them to deal with any type of complex problem with ease.


9 Points Check List for choosing a right Exterminator Professional


Following are a few main things to look for before choosing the best possible Orlando exterminator professional.


  1. License Requirement: The first thing to check before choosing an expert for a service is its license. License verification is the must thing. In a city like Orlando where there is a lot of demand for professional exterminators, you’ll come across many people who claim to be experts but don’t have the required license. Always choose licensed professionals.


  1. Insurance Requirement: Pest extermination involves potential occupational & health hazards so you must ensure that your chosen expert is well insured.


  1. Clientele & References: A well-reputed company will always have a healthy list of clientele for references. Make sure to ask for the list of references and if possible contact any random buyer for his review.


  1. First Free Inspection: To stand out of the growing amount of competition, people tend to offer some extras to its customer. Expert advice and first free inspection always tend to attract customer attraction. It’s always recommended to look for such professional exterminator who offers first free inspection to make up your mind if you need their services or not.


  1. Types of treatments offered and its cost: Types of treatments offered and its cost are always the prime factors in making a final decision. Do check and compare packages from different options before making the final decision.


  1. After Market Services: Aftermarket sale & service support is always the unique selling points. Always check this point thoroughly and don’t go for any company that doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of it.


  1. Payment Plans: Check what type of payment plans they offer? You may not be convenient for monthly payments and would like to have more flexible plans like quarterly payments through credit cards. So always do check and compare different options before deciding of acquiring the services of any professional.


  1. Promotional Packages: Sometimes companies do come up with some promotional packages like buy one get one free. So it’s always recommended to look and compare such packages before making a final decision.


  1. Online Account Management: We are living in a digital world where almost everything is controlled through mobile and internet applications. The field of pest extermination is no different from it. Do check and compare different Orlando Exterminators on basic stuff like an online customer portal, current status, customer support through email and SMS, information on inspection reports, and intimation on the next maintenance date.


Services offered by Professional Exterminators

We may seek expert exterminator due to several different reasons like getting rid of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, etc. But out of many, following are few of the most common and in-demand treatments. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Termite Control & Treatment: Termites are something that we’ll be found most common in old buildings having creep spaces. They can sometimes cause very heavy destruction in its surrounding. So we must make sure to check if we are choosing the right professional exterminator professional that not only has the required knowledge, the right set of skills but also the right equipment to deal with termite. Most renowned companies offer three-level treatment options.

Ant Control & Treatment: Ants are similar but relatively less devastating pests compared to termites. Nonetheless if effected can cause a fair bit of trouble so we must select right Orlando exterminator professional.

Control & Treatment of small insects like bugs, bees & spiders: these kinds of creatures due to their size can enter your home without giving you slightest of idea and increase their population at a very rapid pace. One and the only way is through maintaining proper cleanliness otherwise it’s very difficult to control and completely get rid of these kinds of insects and you will always require services of an expert. Treatments like Thermal radiation have become popular these days in addition to traditional chemical fumigation. As this is one of the most common and probably the most annoying thing, we must make sure to check if we are choosing the right Orlando exterminator professional that has the right combination of knowledge, set of skills, and access to the latest technology.

Control & Treatment of Mosquito: Florida due to its relatively warm and humid weather has more than 80 different types of mosquitos. Since some types of mosquitos also serve as germ & disease carriers by transferring it from one person to another, its control and treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we should check and compare all available Orlando exterminator professionals offering this service before making a decision.

Control & Treatment of Lawn pests and Weeds: The weather here in Orlando, Florida is feasible for grass growth throughout the year that makes common lawn pests and weeds one of the potential problems throughout the year. We must check services like weed and fungus management and especially the disease control program and finalize right Orlando exterminator professionals accordingly.

Control & Treatment of Birds and bats: birds & bats are relatively big compared to other pets we have discussed here. They usually make small nests or any wall opening they may find and thus can be annoying.

Control & Treatment of rodents: rodents like rats and mice can invade your home through ceiling openings, door cracks, and cable trays. They can cause chaos if not taken care of quickly.

Control & Treatment of small animals: Small animals like squirrels and raccoons are also quite common in homes. They can cause, if not properly dealt with, some unwanted troubles especially to the exterior side of your home. Unlike other small insects like bed bugs, roaches and spiders these animals have to be captured and removed by throwing out of the building. So we must make sure to check and compare all available options for making the right choice in selecting the best suitable exterminator professional.



Pest infestation is, undoubtedly one of the most annoying things you can have, in places like Orlando, Florida, merely due to their size, the trouble they cause, and the effort you need to put to control it. These creatures are very hard to locate and their rapid growth rate makes it even a bigger challenge to control them. Pests like bed bugs and ants can be controlled to some extent by maintaining proper cleanliness and closing all possible entry points but they too once gone beyond a certain limit can’t be controlled easily. For pests like roaches, mosquitoes, and termites that can cause big problems and spread diseases, it is always recommended to acquire services of a professional Orlando exterminator.  All American Pest Control is one of the top Orlando Exterminator in Orlando Florida!