Why Orlando Pest Control?

Why you need Pest control in Orlando

Summer is almost here, do you know what it means? Good weather, sun, and the need for Orlando Pest Control service. Orlando is the city of the state of Florida where this type of problems with insects is more common. Located in the southern United States, it is surrounded by swamps, areas with plenty of puddles, and bodies of water where insects, flies, roaches, and rodents can reproduce and nest without many predators. These urban pests wreak havoc on the economy year after year, spread dangerous diseases, destroy houses, and pose a threat to local wildlife. We will give you the details one by one.

Havoc on the economy

In 2018 and 2019 alone, hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses were calculated from the closure of several restaurants in the city of Orlando for violation of health regulations when pests and insects such as flies, roaches, and rodents were found during inspections. Some locals received a warning only. But others had to close their doors for a time until a new inspection to verify that there were no more pests and were fined a minimum of $400. That’s not counting repair costs and Orlando pest control fees.

House-destroying pests

There are almost 3,000 species of termites and only a small part is considered a pest that can cause economic damage to people. And they are classified by their preferred habitat.


Underground termites: their colonies are built on the bases of buildings. They work transporting the wood to the colony.

Wet wood termites: These feed on fallen and decaying tree trunks. Which abound in the surroundings of Orlando, once their food is finished they move to any nearby food source, such as our houses

Dry wood termites: the ones that do the most damage in our homes. They build their hives inside the wood where they feed. And they expand it as they eat. This is dangerous if not treated in time, they begin to pierce the walls and weaken the structures, even knocking down the entire house.


There are homemade recipes to eradicate them, like spraying bleach with vinegar but it doesn’t kill them, it just irritates them and makes them temporarily move. And if they are dry wood Termites, it will be easier for them to make another hive in another part of your house.


If you want to make sure your property is termite-free, you’d better get in touch with pest control. They have advanced detection tools to help you answer your questions. And why not? If you have this type of problem, it is best to eradicate it at once. They will have the necessary tools and products without the need to vacate the house or be exposed to toxic and harmful gases.

A threat to local fauna

Around Orlando is Everglades National Park. An immense swamp cluster containing various species of rodents, birds, and the appearance of a new non-native predator: the Burmese python.


This original snake from India was brought as a pet and released during the ’60s. Having no predators or natural enemies and being in a habitat very similar to its home, prospered and multiplied rapidly, to such an extent that today the quantity of this species exceeds 100,000 animals. Unfortunately, this causes an imbalance in the natural ecosystem of the sector. Because the python has brought several species of mammals, birds, and the same American alligator to the brink of extinction by turning them into prey.

Earn easy money with the Burmese python

The term easy money only applies if you are a hunter or really have what it takes to get into the Everglades swamps and other swamps near Orlando. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers special permits and recruits’ people with knowledge and skills in tracking down and eliminating this snake. It has its own rules and its purpose is not sport hunting, it is to protect the local ecosystem from this non-native Florida species.

Protect yourself from diseases

Diseases caused by insects like flies and roaches are unpleasant, like salmonella, cholera, gastrointestinal diseases, and dangerous like E. Colli. In summer it is the time when there are more of these vermin prowling around our pantries and fridges looking for food. Regular check with quality pest control is necessary to keep them under control and protect us from the disease.

Why a pest control service?

The services of periodic pest control are very important. And not only if you have a restaurant or work with food, but the security of our home is also important. Illnesses are not a matter to be taken lightly. Let’s be honest. Many times we prefer to spend a few dollars on what our neighbor who works for him recommends to us, natural recipes like baking soda, vinegar, and they don’t always work, and if you buy some pesticides without knowledge is not the same. You will be able to disinfect the area for a couple of hours or days, but it really isn’t attacking the real problem.


The problem is that you are probably not taking precautions to avoid the proliferation of pests in your home, some simple actions like installing mosquito nets on doors and windows. Thoroughly clean the surroundings of your home and prevent puddles from accumulating when it rains.


Mosquitoes and flies reproduce in any body of water they find. If you have a garden it could include some lavender or mint plants. These act as a natural mosquito scare. Keep the pantry clean and dry, check the rubbers of the fridges and small cracks in the walls and drawers where mice and cockroaches can pass.

These are things we can do without calling an Orlando Pest Control. But if it really is a situation that got out of control it will be better to make this investment. Spend the day at Econ park and let All American Pest Control take care of your pest control needs.


Orlando Pest Control – German Roaches

Are you afraid cockroaches have infested your Orlando home?

If you are here, you must have come across cockroaches in your Orlando home. It is not uncommon for residents in Florida to catch a glimpse of these notorious pests now and then.


The temperature and conditions here are perfect for their survival. But don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with these uninvited guests on your own. Click For Orlando Pest Control service, they are the way to go. But before you do that, its best to get to know your enemy.

There is a high chance that the invaders you witnessed are the German cockroaches – the most common of all cockroach species in America. Due to their devious ways, and hitchhiker lifestyle, the German roaches, often find their way to our homes.


Away from their reptilian predators, the species flourishes in the concealed corners of the house. Their rapid reproduction rate does not help us either. They say, know thy enemy, and it couldn’t be far from the truth in the case of German cockroaches.


This article will give you all the information you need on these sneaky little pests.


German Cockroaches Quick Facts



Light brown / Tan

Living Condition

warm and moist

The number of legs

100-200 days

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Small openings and crevices



½-inches to 5/8- inches

Anything with nutritional value!



What does a  German Cockroach look like? – Identifying A German Roach

To identify a German cockroach, the first thing you need to look at is its color. Adult cockroaches can be any shade between light brown and tan color, whereas younger ones are usually black.


The most distinguishing feature of a German cockroach is a pair of horizontal black stripes on their thorax, just behind the head. These stripes are almost parallel to each other.


A German cockroach is somewhere between ½- inches and 5/8- inches (13 – 16 mm). Oval in shape; this bug has six legs attached to their spine and two long antennas that are almost straight. The adults have wings, but they rarely fly.

Orlando Pest Control


Where do German Cockroach live?

German cockroaches seek warm and humid conditions. This makes Orlando Florida, one of the best breeding grounds for these bugs. Closer to food sources, they will often be found in kitchens, dining rooms, pantry, or anywhere you eat or drink. Any crack or gap near a food source could shelter these tiny cockroaches. They can also reside in the bathrooms.

A perfect example of survivors, German roaches, can live on anything that has nutritional value, be it toothpaste, soap, or glue. This is why it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them without the help of the Orlando Pest Control.


German Cockroach Behavior

Talented hitchhikers, German cockroaches can find their way to your house by getting in your grocery bags, cardboard boxes, office bags, and even your kids’ school or gym bags. Just like bed bugs, they might lodge themselves in used equipment or furniture brought to your house or office. In apartment buildings and complexes, they move from apartment to apartment through vents, drains, and utility lines.

German cockroaches are nocturnal and do most of their food hunt in the night. They tend to aggregate; they leave their feces in your kitchen cabinets or nook and corners of your kitchen shelves. Their feces release a specific odor, which attracts more roaches. The aggregation sites of bugs can be identified by brownish spotting that they leave behind.

Did you know….

German cockroaches can change their normal behavior. Don’t be surprised if you find it in your bedroom or open daylight. You may find them outdoors in damp shady flower beds as well.


German Cockroaches Life Cycle

The reproduction rate of a German cockroach is faster than American cockroach, so is their infestation rate. With its ability to store sperm, a female German cockroach needs to mate only once in a lifetime and can infest a home with 30,000 roaches in just a year!


There are three life stages of German cockroaches:

Orlando Pest Control
Orlando Pest Control

Stage 1: German Cockroach Eggs

The female German cockroach lays 40 eggs at a time. Once the eggs have been laid, the female carries them around in a yellow-brown egg Capsule, also known as ootheca, till the egg is about to hatch.  It takes about 28 days for the eggs to hatch. About 24 hours before the nymph emergence, it drops the ootheca in a hidden place.


The female German cockroach can produce up to 4 – 6 capsules in her lifetime. The development from egg to an adult depends upon the environmental factors. Growth is rapid in warm and humid places with a nearby food source. An egg can take from 54 – 215 days to turn into an adult cockroach with a functional reproductive system.


Did you know….

Insecticides cannot penetrate through the egg capsule. The ootheca will hatch even days after treatment. This makes it necessary to set a follow-up treatment with the Orlando Pest Control to avoid the risk of a second infestation.


Stage 2: German Cockroach Nymph

The immature cockroach is called a nymph. Once out of the eggs, they are on their own. German cockroach nymph feeds on the feces of their adults until they are capable of finding their food on their own. They mature into an adult in about 60 days, depending on the environmental conditions.


Nymphs are known to shed their skin to grow. Shedding of skin is called molting, and the wingless nymph is known to molt for about six to seven times till it matures. The wings emerge at the last stage of molting.


Stage 3: Adult German Cockroach

The nymph matures into adults capable of reproducing. An average male German cockroach lives for about 100 To 150 days, whereas females can live up to 200 days. Nocturnal by nature, most German cockroaches scavenge during dark hours.



How can I tell if I have German Cockroaches?

If you think German roaches might have infested your house, you may want to look for the following evidence to confirm:

  • Look for Droppings: Small and dark. Resembling pepper, droppings of German roaches can be found on shelf tops and in kitchen cabinets. Dark spots or stains around the cracks and in the corners of the room might indicate German roaches’ fecal smears.
  • Look for Egg Capsules: Empty egg capsules of the German cockroach might be found in crevices and gaps in the walls or cabinets. The female carries its ootheca until the day of hatching. It sets it in a hidden spot only 24 hours before. Once out, German Cockroach nymphs leave behind the capsules.
  • Look for a moldy odor: The secretion of distinctive chemical scents by the German roaches might be an indication of a massive infestation. Mostly too light to be detected, the scent secreted by a huge population of German roaches might be identified as a moldy smell.

How can I prevent German Cockroach Infestation?

Here are certain measures you could take to save your house from infestation:


  • Clear Trash cans regularly.
  • Never leave food out for an extended period.
  • Properly store food and pantry items.
  • Make sure you don’t have any openings or cracks in your house.
  • Repair any leaky pipes and faucets in your kitchen and bathroom immediately!s


As sneaky and stubborn as they are, German cockroaches cannot be eradicated by simple home remedies! You need to call in the professionals. All American Pest Control gives the best Pest Control packages in Orland! You can reach them at (321) 559-7378.




What is the most common type of cockroaches found in America?

German roaches!  Other types are the American cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, and Oriental cockroach.

How long do German cockroaches live?

100-200 days! Under the right environmental conditions, a male German roach can live up to 150 days, whereas a female German roach can have a life span of 200 days.

Can German Cockroaches drown?

Not really! A German roach can hold its breath underwater for around 40 minutes!

Do German Cockroaches bite?

Yes! Though a rare occurrence, they can bite. Their bite is 1 -4mm wide and bright red in color.

What do German cockroaches eat?

Almost Anything! German roaches have a huge palate. Anything with even a little nutritional value is food for a German roach. They feed on feces, toothpaste, soap, and even glue!

How do German roaches get to my house?

Hitchhiking! German roaches can lodge in your grocery bag, card boxes, used furniture, or even handbags to find their way into your house!

How can I get rid of German cockroaches?

German roaches are the most difficult roaches to get rid of! Call an exterminator. All American Pest Control is the best Orlando Pest Control company! You can call them at (321) 559-7378.

Relax and go visit Seaword and let All American Pest Control take care of your Orlando Pest Control Service.


Orlando Pest Control

Why you need pest control in Orlando, Florida? The city of Orlando, also known as “The City Beautiful,” is a major tourist attraction famous for its magnificent theme parks. But with the changing weather conditions, the chances of pest infestations in this area are also multiplied.

Though pests are tiny in appearance, pest infestations are very expanded and unmanageable. Keep reading below to know how to get rid of pest infestations in Orlando.

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What are pests?

A pest is an animal (or a plant) that is harmful to humans and their concerns. Creatures that cause crop damage, harm the livestock, affect forestry are also called pests. Pests are present in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Why are pests attracted to homes?

  • Inappropriate waste disposal

The main thing that attracts pests is trash and rubbish. Pests are not fond of cleanliness and live in dirty and messy areas. Inappropriate waste disposal is another leading cause of increased pest growth. It is always necessary to properly dump the waste and keep pests away.


  • Untrimmed trees

Bushy areas are the most suitable habitats for most pests. Thick trees with untrimmed leaves anchor pest invasion. Make sure to carry out regular trimming of trees and plants present in your home.


  • Uncleaned and uncovered gutters

As we mentioned earlier, pests prefer an unclean environment for living. If the gutters are not properly covered and regularly cleaned, then pests might think of habituating them. To avoid this thing, if you really don’t want a massive pest population to be your guest.


  • Cracky walls

You don’t need to open the door for pests to enter, a little crack in the wall is more than enough. Their tiny bodies find no difficulty in moving through congested areas. Do fill any cracks in your walls if you want to keep pests away from your home.


  • Neglected dark areas

The dark and shady areas of your place are always neglected. This is the major reason why pests live peacefully in your home. So always make sure to consider the dark and neglected areas of your home during home cleaning.


Tips to keep pests away from your home

  1. Do not ignore the surroundings of your home when cleaning.
  2. Make sure to leave the appropriate distance between the outdoor plants and windows.
  3. Keep your house clean and tidy every time.
  4. Keep the food covered, dishes clean, and kitchen tidy.
  5. Make sure you have don’t have any leakage problems in your home.
  6. Install screens on all the doors and windows as extra measures.


What are the most common pests in Orlando, Florida?

A list of the most common pests in Orlando Florida, is given below.

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders


  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are counted in the list of common Orlando pests (indoor pests). The terrifying thing about a cockroach is that this little creature can be a cause of disease spread in your home.


Common types of Orlando cockroaches

  • Asian cockroaches

Asian cockroaches are known to have an approximate length of 1.3 to 1.6 cm. They have a tan or dark brown appearance. These cockroaches are distinct from having dark parallel stripes on the rear of their heads.


  • German cockroaches

German cockroaches have an average length of about 1.1 to 1.6 cm. They may have a tan or a black appearance. These cockroaches are famous for their two parallel streaks on their pronotum.

  • Oriental cockroaches

Male Oriental cockroaches have 18 to 29 mm of average length, and females have 20 to 27 mm of an approximate length. Oriental cockroaches have a dark brown or black appearance. These cockroaches are distinct from having a glossy appearance.


  • American cockroaches

American cockroaches have an average length of 29 to 53 mm. These cockroaches have a reddish-brown appearance. American cockroaches are distinct from having a yellow band that outlines their heads.


Signs that indicate the presence of a cockroach

  • You may find the shredded cockroach skin everywhere in your home.
  • Cockroaches leave brownish smear marks on the walls.
  • Cockroaches leave an unappealing odor on the items that they get in contact with.


How to prevent cockroach infestation?

  • Make sure to carry out regular cleaning of your home without neglecting the darker areas.
  • Fix all the cracks and holes in the pipelines or pantry areas to keep cockroaches away.
  • Dispose of the leftover food properly.


  1. Ants

Ants are very popular when it comes to Florida pest invasions. A variety of ants are present in this area, out of which some are indoor ants while others are outdoor ones.


Indoor ants

It is never difficult for an ant to enter your home even if you live in Orlando. The door gaps, window cracks, and other such things help ants in entering your home. Some commonly found indoor ants in Orlando are as follows.


  • Pharaoh Ants:

Pharaoh ants have an average length of 1/16 of an inch. These ants are pale yellow or red in color and are known to have darker abdomens. These ants also do not cause any structural damage. But they may act as a source to spread disease. Also that it is very difficult to get rid of a Pharaoh ant invasion.


  • Odorous Ants:

What’s good about odorous ants is that they do not cause any structural damage to the furniture, doors, and windows of your home. The reason behind their naming is the odor produced when these ants are smashed. Their average length is about ⅛ of an inch. They may be brown or black in color. These ants love environments full of moisture. The good thing about these ants don’t bite, but on the other side, these ants are really bad to get controlled.


  • Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants have an average length of about ⅝ of an inch. These ants are either black or red in color. They may also have a combination of both these colors. Carpenter ants are known to cause structural damage to your home. The major reason behind this is that they make their homes in the woods. This means that they may damage your beds, cupboards, doors, or any other wooden items present in your home.


Outdoor ants

It is not necessary that only your home can be a residence to ants; some of the ants prefer living in an outdoor environment (surrounding of your home). These ants are of two different types, as discussed bebelow.


  • Pavement Ants:

Pavement ants are dark brown in appearance and are distinct from having tiny stingers. These ants build their nests in cracky areas. Moreover, pavement ants are also attracted to woodpiles.


  • Fire ants

Fire ants have an approximate length of about 5mm. These ants are reddish to black in color and have copper heads. These ants are harmful to humans as they have good biting skills.


How to prevent ant infestation?

  • Seal all the cracks and holes that serve as entrances for the ants into your home.
  • Get rid of food spills and peels (fruit or vegetable) as soon as possible and do not leave them exposed.
  • Make a bait station to get rid of ant infestation effectively.


  1. Spiders

You must have heard that spiders are harmless. But always remember that this fact is not true for all the types of spiders. It is because some types of spiders are poisonous and can be seriously injurious for health. These spiders include those present in the Southern state (including black widow spiders and brown recluses).


Types of spiders

  • Domestic House Spider:

Domestic spiders are quite large in size, approximately about 2 inches. They are greyish brown in appearance and have various markings on them. You can look for these spiders in the storage room, cupboard corners, and behind the furniture articles.


  • Black Widow:

Black widow spiders have an average length of about 1.5 inches. These spiders are distinct because of having a shiny back and a unique red hourglass shape on the bottom of their abdomens. Black widow spiders are commonly found in garages, stone walls, woodpiles, outdoor sheds, and crawl spaces.


  • Daddy Longlegs:

As the name says, these spiders are famous for their long legs. It just seems as if they don’t have the rest of the body other than the legs. They are light brown in color

These spiders are usually present in the room corners, windows, doors, ceilings, and crawl spaces.


  • Brown Recluse:

These spiders are small in size as compared to the other types of spiders. They have an approximate length of about half an inch. They are brown in appearance and are distinct for having Violin shaped marks on their backs. You can normally look for a brown recluse spider in wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, dressers, and outdoor sheds.


How can you prevent spider infestation?

  • Fill in the cracks and gaps in the entrance areas.
  • Wipe off all the spider webs from your home.


The bottom-line!

This article contains detailed information on what are the common Orlando pests and how to get rid of them. These tips are only useful if the pest infestations are small and controllable. For large and uncontrollable pest infestations, you can ask for All American Pest Control and leave the rest on us. Spend the day at Universal Studios and let All American Pest Control take care of your home.